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The Métro Collection is the first Parmigiani Fleurier watch whose lines and essence embody the spirit and magic of the world's great cities, their inhabitants and the frenetic pace that governs their movements. The collection features "Métrographe" watches for men and "Métropolitaine" watches for women.



Both the men's and women's versions of this round steel timepiece are characterised by their long proportions, which confer elegance. The watch features a modern, urban design which is more refined than the brand's other classics, and reminiscent of the Tonda 1950. The calibre 3000 movement and its housing have been designed with extreme precision to produce a slim, refined case middle.

The subtlety of the Métro collection - a slight imbalance which gives it its character - comes from the fact that the watch is asymmetrical: it has two different profiles. Its left-hand profile, which is devoid of a crown, is the classic, conventional side, and displays the brand's iconic teardrop shape. By contrast, its right-hand profile features elongated lugs which extend to the crown, reaching around it to envelop the chronograph push-buttons on the men's version.

This asymmetry confers on the watch its subtly stylish identity; a touch of modernity that overturns conventions.



The aesthetics of the dials in the Métro collection use the principle of contrasts:

-          to highlight the chronograph complication on the Tonda Métrographe

-          to balance modernity and femininity on the Tonda Métropolitaine

On the men's Tonda Métrographe, the chronograph complication is underlined thanks to the highlighting of its minute and hour counters. The grey counters, which sit on top of snailed discs, stand out against the white grained dial; on the black dial version they are outlined with Super-LumiNova material which picks them out in the daytime and renders them luminous at night. The two counters form a slanted figure 8, a characteristic sign of the Parmigiani Fleurier brand.

On the Tonda Métropolitaine, feminine curves soften the piece's modern lines. The straight outline of the case finds its contrast in the "flinqué" finishes on the dial, which take the form of undulating waves. The numerals and index are inlaid, standing out in rounded relief from a two-dimensional background characterised by straight lines.

The Tonda Métro Collection by Parmigiani Fleurier is a stunning line of timepieces bearing modern, elegant lines and designed for the eclectic city-dwellers of today.

Tonda Métropolitaine, amarante dial, Hermès strap
The set version on a steel bracelet
Tonda Métropolitaine, black dial, set case and Hermès strap
Elegance and sobriety
The mesmerizing Mother of Pearl execution
Setting and leather strap by Hermès
Tonda Métrographe, white grained dial on Hermès leather strap
Or with a stainless steel bracelet
Tonda Métrographe with Super-LumiNova dial
With a steel bracelet for an elegant sports look

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