Why “1950”? It’s not a caliber; it’s not an oscillation frequency: it’s the birth date of Michel Parmigiani. This watch is a tribute to our Founder.  As such, it returns to the very essence of the brand, back to the basic codes which define us: the profile, the hands, the indexes, the crown; as well as the key markers of time: hours, minutes, and seconds.


The Tonda 1950 doesn’t owe its aesthetical purity – or should we say its bareness? – to an urge for classicism. This new line was designed to be cleared out of all inessential refinements in order to capture the brand’s DNA, established on Day-One in 1996, unchanged ever since. And by showcasing nothing but the essential, the Tonda 1950 is indeed a tribute.


The second concept at play here is slenderness. Featuring a slim 7.8 mm measurement, the Tonda 1950 belongs to the realm of “extra-flat” watches,which it owes to a new extra-flat movement, the 13th in-house caliber at the time of its creation in 2011. With a diameter of 30 mm and a thickness of just 2.6 mm, the secret of this caliber is its micro-rotor which is off-centered and made of platinum to ensure that it can be self-winding. This movement is in fact so small and meticulous, that it will allow many reinterpretations of the watches’ aesthetic in executions of the future. The only standing criteria within the realm of mechanical possibilities, is never to disturb the delicate profile of the Tonda case whatever creative project is foreseen next.


Last but not least, the Tonda 1950 is the starting point of a new tradition. From now on, Parmigiani watches will be shot and showcased featuring the same date and time:


2nd will be the date – 7.08 will be the time, because Michel Parmigiani was born on December 2nd 1950 at 7.08 in the morning.


Maybe the Tonda 1950 is more than a tribute – it could be a new wave altogether.


Tonda 1950
Tonda 1950 on a Machine
Tonda 1950 - Back
Tonda 1950 on a machine

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