Sara Kay, New Woman of Exception

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“Thank you, Jean – Marc for the lovely remarks and for this exceptional award.

Since Samia walked into my office some months ago, I have had a lot of time to reflect on what this award means to me, how I feel about receiving such an honor and how it effects the future.

I am very proud and grateful for what I have achieved professionally in the business of the visual arts. It is a career that has been built entirely out of my passion for art and that has afforded me a very exciting and culturally rich life.

But I’ve never felt that my business has been my greatest achievement.

Where I have found the most satisfaction is from my work with a non-profit organization I founded in 2008, The Professional Organization of Women In the Arts, known POWArts.

Founded with five colleagues, who also happened to be some of my dearest girl friends – we had a mission to expand our support for one another, to share our talents, our friendships, and ourselves with a greater number of women with a goal to become that much stronger, that much more successful, that much more fulfilled. To build a community that could learn from each other, grow together and ultimately help others.

Since 2008, we have done just that. The organization has grown way beyond me, and a few girlfriends. It is now a national organization with members throughout the United States, with plans to expand internationally.

Through our programming we continue to fulfill our mission of education, specifically in business, to strengthen our careers and our lives. Our community continues to grow with new members who work together and build together. 

And though I am the Founder of POWArts, this organization was never about me. Which is why today, this award doesn’t feel like mine alone. 

My work in the business of the visual arts, my dedication to POWArts and the recognition I am receiving from Parimgiani Fleurier today means many things to me, but what it means most is freedom, even greater freedom than I have already been blessed with, to give to back others. It’s the freedom to learn more and work harder - with selflessness and generosity.

There is a second part to POWArts mission, that extends beyond education, and that’s community service. I am a very lucky woman -- I am educated, I have a home, a bank account, love and respect, and now a gorgeous watch.

There are many women in this world that possess as much talent, likely more so than I do, they simple haven’t had the same luck to be born in New York. To live in a country that champions their education, their development and achievements.

As POWArts grows and continues our efforts to educate, in the coming years, we will be making a commitment to helping others outside the organization. We will be forming alliances with other non-profits that assist women, we will be educating our members of the various opportunities to get involved with these organizations and we will use our many resources to help others. Creating an even larger network of women that have the power to change each other’s status in this world.

This award, this gorgeous watch is my personal reminder, every day, of just how fortunate I am, and the responsibility I have, and that POWARts has, to give back. That as a community of educated, successful women, we can effect great change.

Parmigiani Fleaurier is a beautiful company, both in their magnificent watch making and in their very grounded and open-minded views of every day women creating positive change. I am truly honored to be part of their family.

I speak a lot about women, but it’s not just about us.

They say, that behind every great man is an even greater woman; well the reverse is also true.  I have had many great men in my life that have been mentors, allies and champions.  And together we have removed the limitations often placed on women. I have another one of those great men in my life today.  Thank you Jean – Marc, and thank you to the entire Parmigiani Fleuier family for working with the many women of exception, to achieve our goals, and for going a step further and being our champions. For acknowledging and celebrating our contributions and for giving us a feeling of even greater freedom so we can continue to work that much harder, to give back that much more, and together effect great change for all. “

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