bugatti 2

On the occasion of the Geneva International Motor Show 2016, Parmigiani Fleurier is unveiling a new milestone of its partnership with Bugatti. While the automotive brand presents the Bugatti Chiron, a technical marvel and “super car” of unrivaled power, Parmigiani Fleurier unveils the watch associated with the car: the PF-Bugatti 390 Concept Watch.

She is the representative of a new generation of Bugatti timekeepers. The PF-Bugatti 390 is conceived as a motor-bloc on the wrist which movement takes a tubular, perfectly concentric shape. This coaxial structure splits the functional sections of a movement into separate compartments, which are in mutual interaction just like the motor of a car.

This spectacular piece falls in with the proud tradition of the PF-Bugatti family, which transgresses watchmaking conventions and presents exceptional mechanisms.

The tubular movement features a tourbillon
Each section of the tube encloses a specific function
PF-Bugatti 390 Concept Watch
Design - watch and car side by side
The Chiron car in Molsheim, Bugatti's HQ

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