Parmigiani Fleurier rewards Jacqueline Bisset with the Lifetime achievement award

Parmigiani Fleurier & Festival del Film Locarno

It was the highlight of the Locarno Film Festival: the coming of the British actress, memorable star of movies by Polanski, Chabrol, Truffaut, Cukor and other big names from the movie industry, among which Abel Ferrara, whose latest movie tracing the “DSK debacle” is one she has just starred in alongside Gérard Depardieu. Jacqueline Bisset’s rich journey started in 1966 and has been paved with success since. This weekend in Locarno, the unforgettable actress of Rich and Famous was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by Parmigiani Fleurier who chose to highlight the brilliance of her career.

It comes as no surprise that movie-lovers in Locarno on Saturday only had eyes for this very beautiful and exceptional actress, praised by Carlo Chatrian, the festival’s director, who detailed her career from its start in Cul-de-Sac by Roman Polanski. Her journey spans forty-seven years of carefully considered decisions, these decisions, much like those made by the Fleurier-based manufacture have rarely been the easiest of options, but were based upon a passion.

And of course, this was the occasion for Jacqueline Bisset to receive a beautiful Parmigiani timepiece – the already legendary Kalparisma Nova in rose gold set. This watch owes its name to the star that turns to the rhythm of passing seconds at six o’clock on the white mother-of-pearl dial. Two stars in short. Both made to last…

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Jacqueline Bisset – Lifetime Achievement Award at the Locarno Film Festival 2013




Jacqueline Bisset
Jean-Marc Jacot, Jacqueline Bisset and Carlo Chatrian