L'Atelier Collection

Working on a Pershing 005

With its multidisciplinary approach and tireless quest for excellence, Parmigiani Fleurier demonstrates the unique ability to combine human aptitudes with tools and technical prowess with artistry, not to mention  patience and time. Presenting the Atelier Collection: the essence of the Brand’s expertise.

This is where the various lines that make up Parmigiani Fleurier’s extensive watch collection are assembled. The Tonda 1950, Hemispheres, Kalpagraph, Quator and Pershing models are brought to life by the hands of these multi-skilled watchmakers. Including classic, three-hand models (Tonda 1950), chronographs (Kalpagraph/Pershing), dual time zone models (Tonda Hemispheres) and complications such as the Annual Retrograde Calendar (Tonda Quator), the extensive range demands highly detailed knowledge and serious expertise.

These talented watchmakers have all eagerly taken up the challenge set by Parmigiani Fleurier. Surprising? In charge of the recruitment and day-to-day training of watchmakers, David Grava firmly believes that “talent cannot be measured in years”. Three years ago, the Brand decided to devote this special, independent Atelier to its Collection. Here, precision goes hand in hand with ongoing training. Where other firms might have subscribed to a strict, rigid working framework, Parmigiani Fleurier has placed its focus on the all-round participation of its employees. Each aspect of the watchmaking discipline is developed, strengthening the group dynamic and communication and enabling each employee to pursue personal objectives. “While an Atelier tells the story of talent and technique, it also represents a great human adventure. The stereotype is of ageing watchmakers working alone.

Our aim was to place the energy and talent of our watchmakers at the heart of Parmigiani Fleurier quality”. This enables employees to adapt to the products and enrich their skills over time.

Before beginning work on assembling the extra-flat movements, they meticulously examine the components to be mounted. Wheels, spring balances, escapements and other moving elements are therefore assembled under perfect operating conditions. Each movement in the Tonda 1950 Collection contains around a hundred different components, requiring many hours of painstaking work. In order to ensure strict adherence to watchmaking rules and optimise the operating accuracy and reliability of the movements, each assembly stage involves a series of strict checking procedures. The watchmakers carry out their tasks in groups, performing checks on their own work.

Côtes de Genève, the decoration and bevelling of bridges and finishing work are Haute Horlogerie-specific features on which Parmigiani places a high value. Once the movement has been cased and the final internal checks carried out at the Atelier, each piece is sent to an independent Quality Control Department where the quality of its craftsmanship is assessed.

The Atelier Haute Horlogerie and the Atelier Collection together represent the essence of Parmigiani Fleurier. By focusing on talented watchmakers, the manufacture can ensure quality, ongoing training and the transmission of its exceptional watchmaking expertise.

Working on a Calibre
Craftsmen at work
Working on a Tonda Centum
Tonda 1950 Graphite Dial
Craftsman on a Pershing 005 CBF
Working on a Pershing
Craftswoman on a Tonda Quator
Working on a Pershing 005

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