Engraving a Parmigiani memory on a wrist - The Montreux Jazz Festival Limited Edition of Kalpas

Kalpas Montreux Jazz Edition

Every year around spring, a specific Parmigiani manufacture waits with eagerness for the poster of the next Montreux Jazz Festival to be released. Why would Parmigiani’s dial craftsmen have anything to do with the logo of a musical event?

It’s quite simple: every year since the beginning of their partnership, Parmigiani manufactures 15 watches with a special dial reflecting the spirit of the festival. Based on the Kalpa Grande and Kalpa XL collections, destined exclusively to the performing artists, the Montreux Jazz Festival Limited Edition watches are facelifted to feature the festival’s theme, as revealed on the official poster every spring.

That’s how Claude Nobs remits a special Parmigiani watch every evening to a special and talented friend. Countless artists have left Montreux with a Parmigiani on their wrist. Prince, Norah Jones, the Black Eyed Peas, Jim Morisson and many more. Parmigiani simply makes sure that a photographer is present to capture the second where the artists pull the leather box open and discover their new timepiece.

And guess what the pictures say: features of happiness are universal.

Grace Jones with Claude Nobs
Nikkie with her Kalpa Special Edition
Ricky Martin with Claude Nobs and JM Jacot
Paolo Nutini receiving his Kalpa
Ed Sheeran and Claude Nobs
Tommy Lipuma and Claude Nobs
Liza Minnelli wearing her Kalpa
John McLaughlin and J-M. Jacot

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