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The double GMT pocket watch was made circa. 1870 and brought back to life in the restoration workshops of Parmigiani Fleurier in 2004. The desire to create the brand’s own dual time-zone wristwatch came from there.

The pocket watch is made of two separate movements, both mounted on the...

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The Toric Kaleidoscope Prestige owes its beauty to the hypnotising optical effect recreated on its dial. This unique piece of the Toric family was inspired by a pocket watch dating from the late 18th century, belonging to the Sandoz collection and restored by the Parmigiani Fleurier restoration...

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Michel Parmgiani was born on December 2nd 1950 in Couvet, in canton Neuchâtel. Upon completing his high school degree, he hesitates between watchmaking and architecture, two disciplines that meet in their technical as well as creative facets. Watchmaking prevails in the...

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To restore an object is to bring it back to its former glory. Fundamental distinction, a Restoration is by no means a Repair; it is not some kind of after-sales for ancient artefacts. The latter consists in making the object function no matter the cost whereas the former is about re-...

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Today we look into one of the showcases of the exhibition at Les Ambassadeurs in Zurich: The Ovale Pantographe and its restoration counterpart and source of inspiration.

The prestigious oval pocket watch with telescopic hands was created by the English jewellers, Vardon and...

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To restore an object is to re-establish its former radiance. A fundamental distinction must be clear: to restore does not mean to repair; it is not a form of after-sales for ancient artifacts. The latter consists in putting an object back into function no matter what, while the former is about...

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"It is a rare joy to restore a watchmaking piece. To free it from the ravages of time and of men is to reinstate it within a temporal truth so essential to our memory. "

Michel Parmigiani

Restoration is Michel Parmigiani's field of expertise, and this art...

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Hastily taking action on an artifact without having properly assessed it, is the most prejudicial, and sadly, the most common mistake in the field of restauration. The crucial phase encompassed under the term “Observation” in Parmigiani’s philosophy, consists in understanding the object without...